September 29, 2017 | 13:54pm

Kids for Kids and Little Sharers: the gift of a real future

Kids for Kids are saving children’s lives – right now. We work in Darfur, Sudan, where 40% of families have lost two children before they have reached five years old. In the remote villages of Darfur everyday life can be a struggle – no water for miles, not enough food, no healthcare. Kids for Kids run a range of simple, yet highly effective projects that have already transformed the lives of 370,000 people. Our simple Goat loans – providing kids for kids – supply urgently needed milk to malnourished children and give an income to their mothers – often for the first time. And we don’t forget grandparents – we provide chickens for the frail elderly so they have eggs. Protein is such a rarity for people to afford. Plus, we dig and repair handpumps to provide water, train midwives and first aid workers, provide hard working donkeys and animal care training, as well as blankets, mosquito nets, ploughs and much more. Your support through Little Sharers will give the gift of a real future to these otherwise forgotten children and because all our projects are sustainable, your party will continue to improve lives for years to come.

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