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A Message From Little Sharers Founder

Sharing. One of my earliest memories is about learning to share.

I was about 3 years old and my parents had organised an Easter egg hunt in our garden. As I was an only child at the time, I had the reasonable expectation that all the chocolate I had spent hours collecting would be mine. Having run round the garden for quite a while (my father was in the habit of re-hiding eggs), I remember all the eggs sitting on a big table. Then, to my horror, my father asked me to pick one. The rest, would be donated to our local children’s home. As can be expected, a full tantrum followed but it was made very clear that if I was not happy with this then even my egg would be given away.

Sharing. The hard lesson was learned.

How can we encourage our children to share?

Now, over 30 years later, I have daughters of my own whose worlds revolve around birthday parties – a whirlwind of balloons, cakes and lots of presents. The first few presents are torn open in excitement but then the children can soon become overwhelmed. We have all had conversations at the school gate about how we can deal with the gift giving problem. How do we not spoil our children? Do you give one and hold the rest back for throughout the year? What do you do with duplicate toys? And what about us mums who are busy juggling our Saturday mornings and suddenly remember we have to run out to the shops to buy a gift – one we probably know deep down will be a hit or miss success?

What if there was another way?

Little Sharers is my answer to these questions. It provides parents with an easy way to encourage sharing from a young age without losing any of the childhood joy of receiving a fantastic present.

I hope you will enjoy your Little Sharers party!


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