May 1, 2018 | 15:02pm

Walking for water: Little Sharers is supporting National Walking month with Kids for Kids

Did you know that May is National Walking Month in the UK? It’s the month when people across the country are encouraged to take a walk every day. It includes a special ‘Walk to School Week’ too, from the 21st May, when thousands of teachers and children will celebrate the benefits of walking to school. For those children who live close enough to join in, it can be great fun to walk with your friends rather than travelling by car! But what would you do if your school is further away? How far would you be prepared to walk? And what if it wasn’t school you had to walk to reach – but water?

For Villages in Darfur, Sudan, the only supply of water is often many miles away. They don’t have cars or vehicles to travel in to reach it; in fact, they don’t have roads. Their only choice is to walk. So thousands of young children who should be going to school instead spend hours each day walking across the desert to fetch water for their families. They face the dangers of scorching heat, sandstorms, or even being attacked. The desert is no place for children.

Kids for Kids works with these remote villages in Darfur, to bring water supplies right into the villages themselves, or as close by as possible. Once water has been made available, the charity introduces a range of other projects into the villages too, which help ensure that children and their families have the food they need, healthcare, education and ways to make a living for the years to come.

By providing clean water close to villages, Kids for Kids is keeping children safe from the dangers of their long walk for water. Now children have the time to go to school, learn to read and write, and have the opportunity for a better future.

You can find out more about all the work Kids for Kids does at:   and next time you have a party you too can support Kids for Kids with a Little Sharers birthday party

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