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27 Mar
Kids for Kids: Supporting the children of Darfur

What would you like for your birthday? A blanket? Or a mosquito net? School uniform? How about a goat? Ok, they’re probably not on your Gift List, nor anything that you’re in need of! Kids for Kids gives these to hundreds of children in Darfur, a region of Sudan in Africa. Not because it’s their birthday, but because they are necessities and we know it will make a huge difference to their lives. There are thousands of children living in Darfur whose lives are unbelievably hard and they are in desperate need of all these things and much more. In the remote villages where these children live, there’s no water, electricity, shops, doctors, or roads. It’s often the children who have to walk for hours each day to get the water that they, their families and their animals need just to survive. Because of fighting in the region, it’s usually safer for children to fetch water than it is for their parents, who might be attacked on the journey. If you carry just one bottle of water, you’ll know how heavy it is. Imagine what it would be like to carry many times that, in incredible heat, for several hours. It can take so long in fact, that children don’t have time to go to school and without an education and learning to read and write, life will continue to be a struggle. That’s why Kids for Kids works with these children and their families – in fact, whole villages – to provide them with the things they need to make their lives better, now and in the future. And why last year we gave 320 blankets, 500 school uniforms, 974 mosquito nets and 2451 goats, as well as many other essential items. Plus, we put in hand pumps to provide water within the villages, so children no longer have to make that long daily walk. Your support through Little Sharers will give the gift of a real future to these otherwise forgotten children and because all our projects are sustainable, your party will continue to improve lives for years to come. To support Kids for Kids on your special day start here

27 Mar
Little Sharers is proud to support World Autism Week, 26th March – 2nd April

Around 700,000 people in the UK are on the autism spectrum. Together with their families, this means autism is a part of daily life for 2.8 million people. Over 99% of people have heard of autism, but only 16% of autistic people feel the public understand them. It’s time we challenge the myths, misconceptions and stereotypes and help the public to understand autism, the person and the changes they can make. (more…)